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Please message to us your order, as each of the banana comp has different weight. 


We are selling in non-ripening banana, you will need to wrap it up with paper for few days to wait for the banana to be ripen.


A comb of bananas can be weight from 1kg to 3kg, therefore the final pricing will be determined by the total weight multiply per kg pricing.

一掌香蕉的重量可以从 1 公斤到 3 公斤不等,因此最终定价将由每公斤定价的总重量乘以定价。


Mountain water farming Wealthy Fish, feed with fresh water prawn. No Soil Smell. Very tasty !

山水养殖富贵鱼,以淡水虾为食。 保证没有土壤气味。很好吃!


Fresh, No Soil Smell, Raise with Probiotic.


Pre-order required, 1 to 2 days in advance.

需提前 1 至 2 天预订。