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About Us

​Who are we?

shopbah.com managed by Montoya Sales & Services (NO. PENDAFTARAN: 202103161129 (003275238-W) is an online store which is selling grocery, food and fruits, have been founded by Eric Montoya. We strive to be the most trusted grocer in this region. 

What we sell?
We are selling quality fruits, seafood, grocery and other necessities. Shopbah owned its own Fish Farm, Banana and Durian Farming. 

我们销售优质水果、海鲜、杂货和其他必需品。 Shopbah 拥有自己的养鱼场、香蕉和榴莲养殖场。

Why choose us?
Quality Control
We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the products. We will make sure that customers get the best quality from us.


Friendly Customer Service
We'll make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping. If you require our assistance during online shopping, just give us a ring at 01110622755.

我们将确保客户在整个购物过程中感到舒适。如果您在网上购物时需要我们的帮助,请拨打 01110622755 给我们打电话。