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  1. Sabah Serdang Gift Pack

    Sabah Serdang Gift Pack


    Goods prices is including 6% GST.
    Delivery of goods will be made in 7 business days and delivery charges will be borne by client.
    All goods prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    Learn More
  2. Beg Bertangkai

    Beg Bertangkai


    Beg Bertangkai with strings is made from batik, embroidery, and weaving that could be used as purse or pencil case to prevent accidental slip and loosening grip. Learn More
  3. Placemate-Manik Luar

    Placemate-Manik Luar


    Placemate/ table mate with weaving beads in outer layer. Learn More
  4. Kelarai Box + PVC

    Kelarai Box + PVC


    Gift box with weaved motif & coated with PVC material. Learn More
  5. Ribu-Ribu Square

    Ribu-Ribu Square


    Ribu-Ribu Square/ Basket in Square Shape served as various containers placement. Learn More
  6. Topi Murut

    Topi Murut


    Topi Murut (Murut Hat) is one of Sabahan people headgear wore for centuries. Today, it can be used as a home decor piece or a souvenir. Learn More
  7. Serdang 4 in 1

    Serdang 4 in 1


    Handmade boxes came in 4 sizes. Learn More
  8. Sepak Takraw Ball

    Sepak Takraw Ball


    Sepak Takraw Ball made from 100% rattan/ bamboo material. Besides used in sport, its could be used as a table decoration or hang on the wall. Learn More
  9. Takinan 4’x3’

    Takinan 4’x3’


    Out of stock

    Miniature size of the real-life Takinan, basket that is made from rattan (bamboo) and was used to carry fruits and vegetables from the garden. Present day it has been commercialized to be set of souvenirs or stand as a stationery holder. Learn More
  10. Ribu-Ribu Bulat

    Ribu-Ribu Bulat


    Ribu-Ribu Bulat Fruit Basket Learn More

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