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Batik Metal Clutch (Orchid)

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Batik Metal Clutch (Orchid)

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Retail Price: RM 388.00
Sale Price: RM 330.00
Discount Rate: 15%
Measurement: 13 inches (L) x 8 inches (W) x 3.5 inches (H)
Weight: 800g (Including packaging)

This metal clutch is made out of traditionally hand-painted batik. Batik (pronounced BAA-tek) is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Batik is made either by drawing dots and lines of the water-resistant wax with a spouted tool called a canting, or by printing the wax with a copper stamp called a cap (pronounced chaap). The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one color, removing the wax with boiling water, and repeating if multiple colors are desired.

A tradition of making batik is found in various countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Nigeria, and the motifs and techniques used, though similar, vary slightly according to the region. The method of Malaysian batik making is different from those of Indonesian Javanese batik, the pattern being larger and simpler with only occasional use of the canting to create intricate patterns. It relies heavily on brush painting to apply colors to fabrics. The colours also tend to be lighter and more vibrant than deep-coloured Javanese batik. The most popular motifs are leaves, flowers, and butterflies.

Metal Batik Clutch handmade Sabah orchid

This particular clutch incorporates traditional and modern abstract elements, as well as pink Orchid flowers in its design. According to flower symbolism, the pink Orchid has the honour of representing innocence, femininity, grace, joy and happiness.

The Batik Metal Clutch is a beautiful contemporary take on the traditional batik craft, using the hand-painted tapestries as the base for a simple and elegant design. The metal ball clasp, while timeless in its simplicity, also bring a modern element to this unique clutch bag. This clutch is an exclusive product to Kadaiku™ – Sabah Souvenirs and Handicrafts, specially tailored by Sabah-based designer Cinda – This Side of The Island.

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